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Dikt: Molly's Mom.

Molly! Molly, Molly..
Wake up my dear.
Yes I know im not here.

But I wont be to long this time, i'll try to prolong.
I suppose you want me to sing your song.
So maby it wont feel to long..

"I hope you know thats not true" molly said "it only makes me think more of you."

As to Who she was, molly was sure she knew.
The way she spoke twinged har heart anew.

"And thats so bad?" She replied
"I thought it was a god thing I." Her way of sheering you up, playing like it was a good thing she died.

Her mother claimed it made her look better If she wasn't around all the time.
That it gave time for the Dreams to thrive.

Dreams about finding a home, they could call their own. Their castle on the moon.

They used visions to show eatch other how they'd decorate in eachothers room.

Their dreamcastle in the clouds. Were they'd be when she arrived, even though it would take awhile.

"How long does flesh live mom?" She asked.
"Sometimes to short, and sometimes to long."

"I love you baby girl" suddenly mom felt disturped, interupted by sametinget she couldn't see. " I'll be back, now go back to sleep and dream baby girl, dream ".

Molly turned of the Light and cuddled her pillow, as her mother said
"We have time, life is longer than it seems, see you in the dream."


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