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Dikt: Fucking sheeple.

Their not very special, moaning and bitching
Is after all not greater task.

Annoying as fuck Will not harm you, until you slit your arms.

I can't give them the satisfaction you see.
The masses of the stupid sheep. That wont look att their feet, just follow and jump over fences that were to steep.

People like that enyoj shopping in stores.
Thinking not that the clothes they wore, would send a messige of Who inspired them , how they were or even how they felt.

NO they shop beacause they know nothing else.
Cat and rat of the higher shelves.

The seasons change and so does their attire.
Yet it leaves so mutch to be desired.

For they look like someone else, everyone in fact that doesen't think for themselves.

Willfull igorance is their crime, against nature and the truth it entiles.

To me the only sin after greed. But dont wake up because of me.

NO sleep, your dreamless Dreams.
Little sheeple does best in not invisioning the fence.
For fear that it would be viewed by someone else.

Someone Who looks with two eyes and has the right to judge your evry guise.

Someone else allready wore your sweater.
And guess what? they wore it better.
Mvh/// KJB.....

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2021-02-12 01:03
Ingen har röstat
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