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Dikt: MR.Monroe Moon

MR. Monroe moon, had trubbles of his own..

Unlike a sertain someone he'd know,
He took care of his buissniss alone.

Unlike that sertain someone he'd Carried
Heavy loads.
Robbed banks and collected loans..

He didn't care for things unsure.
Woulden't Walk through the wrong Doors.

The Doors Green collour gave his heart a sting.
But behind it waited only greedy things.

But MR. Moon was not a greedy man.
Even through his slight of hand.

Could Robb you of your possesions.
He'd not find it a transgression.

Things weren't meant to be owned, not horded in a pile all alone.
They were meant to be appriciated all on their own.

He felt like a thing in a pile,
When he walked in a crowd.

Like a barcode hade benen tatooed on his neck. Like someone bought a piece yet hade that buyers regrett.

His recet had been lost, his purpose unsure. A piece of decoration not fitting anymore.

He'd grown old in the buissniss.
Not that it seemed like the buissniss he knew... it made him unsure, When people started to dissappear like that someone he knew.

As the Light from the streetlights hit him once more. Monroe knew he'd be NO more.

"Oh bugger" was all he said. As the piecies all fell right in his head.

As the horder clicked his Gun.
As the garbige man saw someones
Face all numb.

he turned to the man Who wanted his head. He smiled Beacuse he knew that things like him could never truly be dead. ///KJB.

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