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Dikt: Your mind

Do you know whats going on in your mind
Its not about that you are one of a kind.
This is on a far deeper level
but it doesnt make you a rebel.
Here are some indisputable and simple facts
This is the reality of how your mind reacts
Imagine that yore depressed because its raining like hell
Do you recognize that feeling, is it ringing a bell?
This only happens in your mind
and you must take control of how you think
Increase your awareness and dont accept it as a reflexive link
If your depressed over something you cant control
I would say thats kind of illogical after all
The thing is that the weather is actually not so bad
Its only your thoughts that makes it sad
Wake up and take control over how you feel
You cant affect the weather
Its like trying bending steel

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2021-03-22 17:50
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