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Dikt: Peace

You cant save the world by raising a fist
You have to step out from your dreaming mist
Come up with a solution based on a fact
say it in words to make them react
Dont just scream that everything is wrong
Dont even chant in shape of a song
Come up with an idea that can work things out
Present it polightly and without to shout
Maybe then You can take you behind the facade
Wake up the leaders and make them stop the charade
Otherwise you just encourages the confusion
Instead of getting closer to the solution
Use wise words with sincere insight
Is always better than to fight
Dont go out on the streets and burn the flag
Please stay calm and keep it in your bag
Spread the message, we can always try
Its anyway better than living in a lie

To all our leaders I can only say please
We want no war, just living in peace

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2021-03-22 18:33
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