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Dikt: The modern Greek

I went out on the streets of Athens to seek
I wanted to find the modern Greek.
I walked around but I didnt get far
before I ended up in a local bar.
My picture of a Greek was a bearded man
A cross around his neck and a Panathiniakos fan.
I could hear all the kitchen sound
just behind the bar where all the bottles of whiskey where found.
The whole room where swimming in a cosy ligth and not a bearded man was in sight
In a corner a bunch of men where singing on Whiskey in the Jar
A couple of women where sitting at the bar.
A man came out from a hidden door
He smiled at me and met me halfway on the floor
What can I do for you my friend
Do you have any money to spend
Im kidding he said, I can see you have class
He offered me a chair and poured up a glass.
He had tatoos on his arms and a big one on his chest
If this is a Greek I couldnt have guessed
Hes apperence was far from the classical Greek, if this is a modern one I can stop to seek
I stated my business and he started to laugh, he called to the kitchen to call out his staff
They all came out and it didnt take long
Before they all tuned up in a song.
They sang about the temples and the gods from the past
It was a beatiful song and I wanted it to last
When they stopped, the chef that called Jannis had something to say
All that history is in our dna
In these days everyone is a modern Greek
Welcome to our bar, you can stop to seek.

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